Dr. Vita Vitamin Lip Treat (3.6g)

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Short Description : It’s natural moisturizing ingredients provide nourishment to dried lips, forms a protective layer to keep moisturizing for a long time.
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Made in South Korea

Keep your delicate lips protected thanks to the organic BURROCACAO, specially formulated for the soft lips of the little ones. This sweet formula uses moisturising sunflower oils, coconuts and olive oils, organic beeswax and tocoferoli (vitamin E pure) and VITAMINA C PURA to protect children’s lips and mouth from dry, cracked and irritated skin.

● Moist protective layer formation
● Natural moisturizing ingredients provides nourishment
● to dried lips to form a protective layer to keep moisturizing for a long time.
● Healthy lip care with vitamins
● Vitamin C + Vitamin E + 5% of complex vitamins calms
● and protects sensitive skin from external stimuli.
● No mineral oil added
● It is extracted from petroleum, contains 10 natural vegetable oils without
● the use of mineral oil to cleanse pores. Men and women of all ages can use.

How to use
Whenever you feel the dryness of your lips, gently apply it at any time.